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Life doesn't stay the same. So why should your insurance?

Starting out. Buying a home. Having children. Or getting older. Your insurance needs are likely to change throughout your life. VicSuper offers members the ability to increase, decrease or change their insurance cover as their circumstances change.

How to change or cancel your cover

You can increase, decrease, change or cancel your existing cover in the following ways:

  • complete the online application in MembersOnline and depending on the cover you are applying for, you may receive an immediate approval, or your online application will be forwarded to our Insurer (MetLife) for further assessment
  • Alternatively, you can download and complete the relevant forms available at forms and publications and return to VicSuper.

You can use either of the steps above to transfer unit-based cover to the equivalent level of fixed cover.

Increase your cover

You need to apply to increase your insurance or to make other certain changes to your cover.

Within the new member offer period, VicSuper FutureSaver EmployeeSaver members who joined through their employer, can apply to increase their insurance with minimal health evidence.

Your new member offer period ends 90 days from the date of the letter advising your insurance cover upon joining VicSuper FutureSaver. Once you elect to make a change to your death and TPD or income protection cover, your new member offer period ends.

During your new member offer period
Death and TPD cover

Get up to... 

8 units of cover (up to $412,000 depending on your age) by completing the eligibility questions.

Income protection cover

Get up to...

8 units of cover (up to $4,000 per month) by completing the eligibility questions

To increase your insurance to the levels outlined above just download and complete the EmployeeSaver insurance application form (PDF 174kb).

Other times

If you're not within your new member offer period (EmployeeSaver only) or you're a PersonalSaver member, you can still apply to increase or change your insurance.

It isn't difficult, but there are some forms to complete, and approval of your application will be subject to our Insurer (MetLife) assessment.

To increase your insurance download the Insurance handbook (PDF 2.2mb) and login to MembersOnline.

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